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Self-Defense Seminars In Brooklyn

The Best Self-Defense Training For Children And Their Families!

Prepare your loved ones to act at a moment's notice in the face of danger with our Self-Defense Seminars in Brooklyn. Designed for children ages 7 and older, these seminars teach children how to react to a stranger or an attack and how to avoid "freezing up" when faced with danger. 

Parents are invited to join in on the seminar, coaching their kids through the 2-hour lesson. Self-Defense Seminars at Mormando Martial Arts are by appointment only. 

Teach Your Child A Core Set Of Self-Defense Skills Today! 

These revolutionary seminars are designed to give young students the knowledge and skills to thwart an attacker. The workshop teaches children how to react when someone approaches them and how to identify danger before it happens.

Students learn simple self-defense techniques that can enable them to

  • Stun an attacker


  • Temporarily and escape

The tactics can make it possible for even a small child to get away from a full-grown man.

At the end of each course, children get the unique opportunity to hit an instructor wearing protective gear with full force in order to gain a sense of body mechanics and their own physical potential.

You Can Never Be Too Prepared. Reserve Your Self-Defense Seminar In Brooklyn Today! 

We live in an increasingly dangerous world and though you hope your child never has to face a dangerous situation, there are no guarantees. 

Make sure they are prepared with our Self-Defense seminars in Brooklyn. Just fill out the short form on your screen today to learn more! 

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